Animal Feed

The animals at Longdown Activity Farm are fed on what we consider to be the best feed currently available on the market today.

This feed has been especially packed in our very own eye-catching Longdown packaging, and is now stocked in our Farm Shop for you to purchase for your animals. Tasty and nutritious, the feed will help to keep your animals happy, healthy and in tip-top condition. Available in handy smaller pack sizes, or buy in large sacks for the ultimate bulk-buy value. Choose from our range below:

Layers pellets for the chickens

Layers Pellets
20kg – £9.50

A large range of other feed, bedding, equipment & housing for chickens, poultry, wild birds, guinea pigs & rabbits also in store now.

Feed for the Wild Birds

Sunflower Hearts 
3kg – £6.60

Wild Bird Mix
4kg – £3.90
20kg – £12.95


Food for the Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Mix
3kg – £4.65

10kg – £11.95

Feed for the Rabbits

Rabbit Pellets
4kg – £4.65
20kg – £14.95

Straw & Hay

Straw  27kg – £6.00
Hay 20kg – £8.50
Easibed  – £8.99