Visit The Longdown Farm Shop for a delicious
range of locally-sourced produce.

Open daily
10am to 5pm


Situated at the entrance to the Activity Farm, Longdown Farm Shop is committed to supporting local producers and farmers. We believe that locally-sourced produce is fresh, tasty and wholesome. By supporting local suppliers we can offer you a wide range of delicious, locally-sourced food, which as well as tasting great has many additional benefits. Local produce is often better for animal welfare and has less far to travel, so is environmentally friendly. You are also helping to support the local economy.

The Farm Shop offers a whole range of the delicious and often unique fare that Hampshire has to offer including a selection of New Forest Marque produce. All produce is offered at the best possible prices with many seasonal special offers and on-going promotions.

The Farm Shop stocks cuts of locally reared meat, a large range of delicious sausages, game, fresh fruit and vegetables, a range of dairy products including award-winning cheeses. Also free-range chicken and duck eggs, bread and rolls, fruity preserves, honey from local hives, mouth-watering cakes, New Forest ice cream, home-made marinades and dressings, and much more besides.

Customers are encouraged to telephone and order specialist items such as particular cuts of offal or gluten-free products and the shop will do its best to supply them. If you want to ensure that our regular stock items are available – perhaps for a planned event or meal – these can also be ordered ahead.


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Supporting Local Producers

Why Buy Local Produce?

Most locally produced food is generated on a smaller scale and therefore in a manner that is often more wholesome and harks back to more traditional methods of production. Because fruit and vegetables need not be grown intensively, the use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals can be kept to a minimum. In the case of produce derived from animal stock, the consumer can be assured that the meat, eggs and dairy produce that they are buying come from producers that have the utmost respect for their animals’ welfare. Local food is fresh and nutritious because local producers attempt to work in harmony with nature. Local food is provided by people who care and understand about the benefits of natural food production.

Local Food Supports Your Local Economy

Local produce can directly support local businesses, give local employment and keep money in the local economy by cutting out the middleman.


Local Food is Good for the Environment

Local food production ensures that local land is put to good use and is maintained to a high standard. Wildlife also benefits from well-managed land. Packaging is kept to a minimum, which means less use of valuable natural resources and results in less landfill. Local food, of course, doesn’t need to travel far ensuring that ‘food miles’ are kept to a minimum, reducing the amount of freight and pollution on the road.

New Forest Marque

A large range of local produce at Longdown Farm Shop carries the New Forest Marque, which gives an additional reassurance to the consumer. All producers sporting the New Forest Marque brand must meet stringent standards set by the Marque, which are relevant to their own particular speciality. The consumer can have absolute confidence in the high quality and local provenance of any food item carrying the New Forest Marque.