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The Complete Guide To Looking After Your Chickens



My knowledge of chickens and chicken-keeping has been self-taught and is a result of breeding, raising, and selling literally thousands of girls over the years. We pride ourselves on our after-sales service here at Longdown, and I have always been delighted to assist our many poultry customers with any questions or worries they may have about their chickens.

Many of the same concerns seem to come up time and again, so I decided to join the 21st century and write a regular e-newsletter (click the link below to sign up for your copy) and create a special chicken-keeping website to dispense sensible, down-to-earth advice based on many years of poultry keeping.

I hope you enjoy my light-hearted guide and the wonderful cartoon illustrations provided by Simon Chadwick.

An Important Note From Farmer Bryan:

Whilst I have many years of practical experience looking after chickens, I am not a vet.

If you have any serious health concerns about your chickens, consult your local veterinary service.