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We have different breeds for you to spot including Friesian Holstein (the black and white ones), Hereford and Jersey. Don’t miss the mini-herd of calves in the cow shed: you have the opportunity to bottle-feed them at 10.30am and 4.00pm any day we’re open, if you want to.



There are always over 100 kid goats on the Farm. The younger ones need to be bottle-fed, so you can feed them yourself at 10.30am and 2.30pm every day. You can also feed the large goats, who will nibble their food from a plate that you hold. Don’t miss the Pygmy goats: they are small and cute, and love to play!



We have lots of chickens and chicks to see. In our Chick Shed, you can discover how chicks develop from eggs through to fully-grown chickens. During the Animal Encounter Experience, you will get the opportunity to see the chicks. As well as chickens, we have ducks, ducklings and geese. Poultry is for sale to good homes.



You will see lots of pigs on the farm, including Kunekune pigs. They are a small breed of pig originating from New Zealand. They come in a large range of colours – some plain and some spotted. They are very friendly and will be looking forward to meeting you. Do look out, as we quite often have a litter of little piglets for you to see.


Horses & Ponies

Come and meet the 2 extreme sizes of equine breeds: Our gentle giant, Pearl the Shire horse and our tiny little Shetland called Chesney. They are both very friendly.



We have a small herd of alpacas who live together in our back field. Our alpacas are very friendly and enjoy meeting new friends.



Meet our friendly donkeys who live alongside the horses and ponies. They come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, and like all donkeys, they have very long ears! They all enjoy a soft nose rub and a scratch behind those ears.  

Guinea Pigs

If you like guinea pigs, you’ll love our Guinea Pig Village where small herds of our guinea pigs live together in family groups. More often than not there are lots of cute babies to spot as they trot around after their mothers. Sit quietly on the straw bales and listen to the whistles and squeaks made by these charming little creatures.

Baby Longdown Bunnes


You will sometimes see some of our rabbits on the farm. Now and again they like to meet new friends in The Animal Encounter Barn. 

…and Jeffery

Jeffery is our friendly tortoise – he is asleep a lot of the time, but on sunny days, you may seem him out in the sunshine eating his favourite greens.