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Longdown Chicken Shack


OPEN DAILY – 10am to 5.00pm

Visit the Longdown Chicken Shack at Longdown Farm Shop for a wide range of feed, bedding and equipment for your poultry. You can, of course, also purchase chickens – usually Rhode Island Red Hybrid Warrens, which are friendly, easy to keep, and are excellent laying birds. Other varieties are often available.

Local farmer, Bryan Pass, has an excellent reputation for animal sales, and in particular, his knowledge and advice about chickens, and his after-sales service is well-known among local chicken owners, and is in high demand!

Bryan and Farm Shop manager Wayne have created the Longdown Chicken Shack as an add-on to the Farm Shop at Longdown. The stock contains excellent quality feed (including Layers pellets), bedding, parasite control products, and equipment for small animals and poultry (with an emphasis on chickens) at competitive prices.

The one-stop-shop for your poultry needs!