Point of Lay Chickens

Point of Lay Respeggt Pullets

We are delighted to be one of the first farms in the UK to be chosen to sell the very first Point of Lay Respeggt pullets.  These are basically Warren chickens which have been hatched from gender identification hatching eggs which avoids the culling of male chicks.  This will ensure that literally millions of male chicks will not be destroyed at hatching.
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We currently have 120 of these birds available and each group of Respeggt pullets sold will have a certificate to confirm validity.
Hatched 04/04/2022 (1-2 weeks off lay) @ £15.00 each.

Also for Sale:-

10 x Warren (hybrid) – hatched 15/04/2022 (1-2 weeks off lay)

Chicks For Sale – Off Heat :-

30 x Warren chicks (hatched 16/06/2022) £5.00 each


Fully vaccinated against Mareks disease & Coccidiosis and wormed.
Excellent layers, very friendly and quiet.

The Farm Shop is open daily 10am to 5pm.
Please email to make an appointment : [email protected]
Thank you.

Please bring along a strong cardboard box/pet carrier/crate to transport your chickens in.  

(Updated 12/08/2022)

Click here to buy or contact us for more information. See Farmer Bryan’s Complete Guide for Keeping Chickens for information on choosing, housing, feeding and caring for your chickens. Contact us for more information or to place an order.


Chicken Feed, Bedding, and Equipment


Visit our Chicken Shack (next to the Longdown Farm Shop). We carry a large range of poultry feed, including the popular Layers pellets, and bedding at competitive prices. We also have an extensive range of parasite control products, housing and equipment.

If you are a first-time chicken keeper, take a look at Farmer Bryan’s Poultry Pack which includes everything you’ll need, packed and priced for an easy one-off purchase

Advice and questions answered on poultry keeping by knowledgable team members.

Entry to the Chicken Shack and parking is free of charge.