Cherry Valley (Hybrid of Alysebury)


Female Ducklings:-

8 x Cherry Valleys – hatched 07/08/2021 @ £16.50 each

12 x Cherry Valleys – hatched 23/08/2021 @ £15.50 each

13 x Cherry Valleys hatched 17/09/2021 @ £14.50 each

25 x Khaki Campbells hatched 17/09/2021 @ £14.50 each

Please note:  These ducklings are Off Heat but will require shelter from wind and rain, and are too young to go into a deep pond.
They will require Growers pellets.   

Our ducks are hand-fed by visitors to our farm on a daily basis and are, therefore, used to human contact. Our ducks are wormed and come with care instructions or, if you prefer, these can be downloaded from our website.

Collection is by appointment only so please send an email to: [email protected]  Thank you.

The Farm Shop is open daily (10am to 4pm).
Please bring along a strong cardboard box/pet carrier/crate to transport your ducks in.  

(Updated 26/11/2021)

Longdown Little Farmers Club

The Longdown Little Farmers Club is a very special club for children who love farms, farm animals, and big tractors!

Membership includes:

Lots of lessons for Little Farmers videos with Farmer Bryan
Lessons for Little Farmers Fun Sheets to match the videos
Tractor Tales
Farming News Flashes
Farming Fun Sheets
A Little Farmers certificate
Discounts off Farmer Bryan’s books

All easily accessed when you want to through a members-only section on our website.

All just £10 for a whole year, per household – regardless of the number of Little Farmers living there!


Your Longdown Little Farmers Club membership will be renewed, for a further £10, once a year. There is NO obligation to renew your membership, so if you don’t want to, you can cancel your membership at any time. You will retain access to the club benefits for the rest of the year remaining.

More information about the club is available on the Longdown Activity Farm website.