Red Mite Pack

May 28, 2022 by P & P Creative


Prevent and control the scourge of red mite in your poultry coop with the Longdown Chicken Shack Red Mite Pack.

Just £19.95 with FREE packaging and postage.



Longdown Chicken Shack Red Mite Pack:

The Longdown Chicken Shack Red Mite Pack is the perfect combination of a bottle of Poultry Shield to sluice down the housing, eradicating the mites and melting any eggs, along with a bottle of Diatomaceous Earth to dust the coop – especially vulnerable areas such as perches and around feeders – after washing.

Diatomaceous Earth 350g
A 100% natural product, made from the fossilised remains of ancient shell creatures. It is inert and safe to both humans and animals.

Poultry Shield 1 litre
A multi-purpose cleaner, sanitiser and de-greaser.
Keeps your chickens healthy and clean. For cleaning housing and equipment.